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Dear patients,

warmly welcome to the specialists for venous vascular disorders. Healthy vessels are an important prerequisite for healthy and healthy life. This is why we are there for you and treat in our practice venous diseases with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.In the area of varicose veins, we are leading specialists and offer all reasonable procedures, from classical stripping operations to endovascular procedures, e.g. Lasers, radio waves (VNUS Closure-FAST), RFITT (Celon method) or hot steam (SVS).

Laser and radiotherapy treatments are among the most gentle, very efficient procedures that we carry out with the utmost precision. The laser- and radiotherapy-supported crossectomy was developed by our team according to the latest findings. The recurrence of varicose veins after such treatment is, as in the case of the classic stripping operation, very low.

The laser and radiotherapy treatments are now taken over by almost all health insurance companies.

We are a Germany-wide training center and give our many years of experience and our well-founded medical knowledge in the field of phlebology in renowned courses and events to other doctors.

We focus on our service spectrum in the following areas:

  •      varicose veins
  •      thrombosis
  •      the swolen leg
  •      aesthetic dermatology (in the CKM)
  •      skin tumors
  •      rectal deseases



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